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ZEFAL Z LEVER SET // red // 21 g

The Zefal Z fits perfectly in our saddleroll and, being an entirely flat tire lever, will keep the saddleroll neatly packed. The tire lever is highly resistant and virtually unbreakable, with the thin shape providing an easy passage between the rim and tire without damaging them. The hook end is reversible and allows dismantling and reassembling of the tire too. We are offering them as a set of two.

ZEFAL Z LEVER SET // red // 21 g

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Shipping rates:


China, South Korea, Taiwan: Yen 1,450

Asia (excluding China, South Korea, Taiwan): Yen 1,900

Australia, Canada, Mexico, Middle East, Europe: Yen 3,150

United States: Yen 3500




Okinawa & Hokkaido: Yen 1200

Rest of Japan: Yen 620

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