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13-inch Musette // orange // 28g

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Musette’s have a long tradition and history in cycling, but are also a great piece in carrying things in daily life. With our Mori Mono Musette we wanted to keep the classic design of the musette and elevate it with some design tweaks to make it the perfect musette, on and off the bike.


The Musette is made out of Dyneema®, making it one of the lightest Musettes out there. The box pleat bottom folds out, giving more space for items inside. The bag can be rolled up to a small piece and, when secured with the bungee cord, easily stored in a jersey pocket. With the second “stabilizer cord,” we achieved an additional anchor point which prevents the bag from swaying to the front while riding. Regardless of being fairly “feature packed”, the bag keeps its clean design and stylish appearance.

13-inch Musette // orange // 28g

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1.43 oz/yd² Dyneema® Composite Fabric

Snap Button Closure

Hypalon Loop Outside & Inside

Anchor Cord for Strap Attachment

Reflective Bungee Cord


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