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New Branding for 2022 by "Hype Type Studio"

Our plan for 2022 is to step up our game in a number of ways. From bigger production capacity to a wider variety of products, we have found reason enough to do a soft reboot of Mori Mono.

Part of our decision was framed around rethinking our logo and branding. For this, we reached out to @hypetypestudio to help us with the redesign. They exceeded our expectations in highlighting our core values and setting us up with what we envision to be Mori Mono’s aesthetic for the future.


In addition to pulling influence from the kanji (Japanese writing using Chinese characters, 森) for ‘Mori’ and cycling with the arrows pointing ahead, the mark speaks to the double ‘M’ of the name — as if taking a segment from a repeated pattern of ‘M’s.


With a minimalistic construction, this custom drawn logotype is intended to be used large. It’s slightly extended letterforms were designed with an emphasis on width harmony, allowing the

‘R’ and the ‘N’ to align perfectly within the stacked version.


Additional Elements


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