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“Mori Mono Studio” is our creative outlet and playground in which we are offering, from time to time, unique versions of our products with exclusive color and material combinations.

Our “Mori Mono Studio” products aren't made to order; rather, they are made in pre-produced, limited batches that will be ready to ship. Each batch will be one of a kind. By taking this approach, we will be able to offer something very special and bring variety to our existing product line.

MMS 001 - The first "Mori Mono Studio" Collection

We are excited to present our first batch of products of the “Mori Mono Studio” line in white Dyneema.

Dyneema usually comes in two stock colours, black and white. We bought a small batch of white Dyneema a while back and are very excited to work with this colour for our first batch of products of the “Mori Mono Studio” line.

When we design our products, we always keep in mind the overall appearance of the bags on the bike. Our usual black coloured, stealthy looking bags have a subdued appearance on the bike, whereas the white version really adds a certain “pop.”

White Dyneema will develop some “patina” over time and there are two ways to deal with this. Either clean the bags in the same way as you would with your white cycling shoes, or just embrace the change in colour while you put the bags through the harshest conditions. This is very much a personal choice and we embrace both.

We decided on three products for the white editions: our essential handlebar bag, saddlebag and a test product called the “Minimal Wallet.”

Our essential handlebar bag will also feature an upgrade to allow to carry it off the bike. The “Minimal Wallet” is a completely new product. It is small, sweat-proof, water resistant and is just the right size to carry those small essentials you want to bring on a ride. The wallet is divided in three compartments, including a zippered section to keep everything organised and secured.

All products will go on sale Friday, October 1st from 6.00 am JST and will be shipped within 1-2 working days.


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