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"Made to Order" vs "Readymade" on-bike bags

[English follows Japanese]

私たちは、Essential Frame Bagの販売開始を機に、新たな旅立ちを迎えるこ



We are excited to announce that, with the launch of the Essential Frame Bag sale, our brand is embarking on a new journey. Moving forward, we will be providing both in-studio "Made to Order" products and "Ready-made" products that are produced in collaboration with our partner manufacturer, Skysoar (located in China). We have chosen this partner based on their shared values of collaboration, quality, design, and most importantly, ethical and socially responsible practices.

Our partnership with Skysoar will allow us to offer a wider range of products, increase availability, and produce more limited releases. Additionally, we will be able to host pop-up shops in our favorite stores around the world. We are excited for this new chapter and look forward to bringing our customers high-quality products.


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