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「Essential Frame Bag」は、自転車での移動を想定した軽量なフレームバッグです。重量はわずか90gで、ダイニーマ®素材を使用しているため、フレームバッグの中では最も軽量な部類に入ります。コンパクトなテーパー形状で、ほとんどの自転車のフレームにフィットし、かつペダリングの邪魔にならないコンパクトさを実現しています。




「Essential Frame bag」は、ブラックと「インサイドアウト」で、日本時間6月24日午前7時より にて発売されます。

The “Essential Frame Bag” is the perfect companion for your next ride, long or short. Weighing a mere 90 grams, this frame bag is one of the lightest available thanks to its Dyneema® construction. The compact and tapered shape allows it to fit most bike frames while staying compact enough to not interfere with pedaling.

Whether you need just enough room for a tube, multi-tool and snack or want a little more space for a lightweight jacket, this minimalist frame bag has you covered. Its sleek and streamlined exterior blends in with any bike setup, while the interior offers a surprising amount of capacity for its size. Whichever attachment method you choose, a combination of Velcro and reflective cord strap gives you flexibility when attaching the bag.

The ”Essential Frame Bag” was designed and developed by Mori Mono and produced by our partner manufacturer, “Skysoar,” in Quanzhou, China. The product is “ready-made” and will be shipped within 2-3 work days after purchase.

The “Essential Frame bag” will be available in black and “inside-out” from Saturday June 24th, 7.00 am Japan time on


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